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is small ensemble music, with one player to a part, so each instrument stands alone and blends with others, and no sound goes unnoticed. Live performance involves the listener in the joy, intimacy, and interplay of the musicians with the music. Join us!


Smetana Quartet »Program«
Bartók Quartet »Program«
Trio Italiano d'Archi »Program«
La Salle Quartet »Program«


Warsaw Quintet »Program«
Chigiano Sextet »Program«
Zagreb String Quartet »Program«
Prague Quartet »Program«


Suk Duo »Program«
Allegri Quartet »Program«
Brahms Piano Quartet »Program«
Czech Nonet »Program«


Parrenin Quartet »Program«
Michel Dubost - Flute »Program«
Bartók Quartet »Program«
Prokofiev Quartet »Program«


Janacek Quartet »Program«
Dimov Quartet »Program«
Czech Chamber Orchestra »Program«
Tel Aviv Quartet »Program«


Prague String Quartet »Program«
Warsaw Quintet »Program«
Danzi Woodwind Quartet »Program«
Smetana Trio »Program«


Israeli Trio »Program«
Secolo Barocco »Program«
French String Trio »Program«
Borodin Quartet »Program«


Melos Quartet »Program«
Gabrioni Piano Trio »Program«
Roumanian Piano Trio »Program«
Amadeus Quartet »Program«


The London Virtuosi »Program«
French String Trio »Program«
Juilliard String Quartet »Program«
Francesco Trio »Program«
Benefit concert, featuring Francesco Trio »Program«


Gabrieli Quartet »Program«
Secolo Barocco »Program«
Juilliard String Quartet »Program«
Early Music Consort of London »Program«

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