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is small ensemble music, with one player to a part, so each instrument stands alone and blends with others, and no sound goes unnoticed. Live performance involves the listener in the joy, intimacy, and interplay of the musicians with the music. Join us!


American String Quartet »Program«
Tokyo String Quartet »Program«
Arden Trio »Program«
I Fiamminghi »Program«
Lindsay String Quartet »Program«
Pocket Opera: Yanked From the Harem »Program«


International Chamber Ensemble of Rome »Program«
Mendelssohn String Quartet »Program«
Academy St. Martin in the Fields Octet »Program«
Los Angeles Brass »Program«
Hagen Quartet »Program«
Kronos Quartet »Program«
Cantilena Piano Quartet »Program«


The Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra »Program«
The Guarneri String Quartet »Program«
The Coull String Quartet
Musical Offering »Program«
The Waverly Consort
The Bowdoin Trio


Tchaikovsky Chamber Orchestra (did not perform due to 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake »Planned Program«)
Francesco Trio »Program« (Performed in place of Tchaikovsky Chamber Orchestra)
Maurise Bourgue Ensemble a Vent »Program«
Sierra String Quartet (co-sponsored by Manteca Kindred Arts)
Pasquier String Trio »Program«
New Arts Trio »Program«
Stanford String Quartet with Naomi Zaslav »Program«


Angeles String Quartet »Program«
Empire Brass Quintet »Program«
Apple Hill Chamber Players »Program«
The Waverly Consort »Program«
Tchaikovsky Chamber Orchestra »Program«


Los Angeles Piano Quartet »Program«
Fine Arts Quartet »Program«
Takács Quartet »Program«
Munich Chamber Orchestra »Program«
The Festival Winds »Program«


Arioso Wind Quartet »Program«
Talich String Quartet »Program«
The Mannes Trio »Program«
The Endellion String Quartet »Program«
Westwind Brass »Program«


The Newport Ensemble »Program«
The Ying Quartet »Program«
Stanford String Quartet »Program«
The Leonardo Trio »Program«
The Debussy Trio »Program«


Orion String Quartet »Program«
The Sylvan Winds
Lark Quartet »Program«
The Arden Trio »Program«
Angeles String Quartet »Program«


The Raphael Ensemble »Program«
The Ying Quartet »Program«
Los Angeles Piano Quartet »Program«
Alexander String Quartet
Hexagon »Program«

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